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Spring didn't just bring warmer weather to NAH in 2009, it also brought puppies!
Here is an update on our most recent litter of Rocky Mountain Babies!

June 22, 2009

Dear Friends at the Valley Humane League,

After all of our combined efforts in getting puppies out to Rhode Island, we were finally successful in "re-homing" the first Colorado litter of the year! Although it seemed to take forever for that "right" batch of puppies to come through, they came at last and everyone here was more than thrilled to have them. They were also the most well-behaved, adorable group of puppies we had ever seen! Another amazing set of perfect little girls!

Since last fall, our list of interested families had been growing like crazy! Everyone was seeing Colorado puppies around Newport, and loved them. With all of the great reports on their sweet temperaments and being the "perfect" dog,we had someone asking every day when more were coming. Our adoption coordinator even had an email group that she would send updates and links to PetFinder.com in order to keep everyone up to date. The staff could not wait for the opportunity to play with more perfect pups and participate in finding homes.

Since it was well into spring when these cuties arrived, we decided on a flower/plant theme for the names. "Fern" was the gorgeous Catahoula mix with the endearing eyes and the enormous ears that she will hopefully grow into some day. She was the "different" one, unique in looks and appeal, even from previous Colorado puppies, so automatically a favorite. "Aster" was the almost all black sweetheart, with the tiny patch of white on her chest. She was the smallest,but she definitely held her own in puppy playtime with her spry spirit. The tan pup with the black snout, "Laurel", had the most lovable eyes that definitely matched her personality as she chose to crawl into the laps of staff members and snuggle instead of romping with her siblings. "Clover", the blondie with white patches, was the instigator of the bunch at first; leaping from rocks in the play yard, nipping at your ankles as you ran around with them, and doing the same to her buds. She was the last to go, so we got to see how angelic she actually was- without the energy of her friends to match.



The Weinberg family had been hounding, no pun intended, our adoption coordinator for a puppy since after the last batch in the fall! They were definitely the most anxious family to get their own little Colorado puppy after the passing of their shepherd mix, "Tanner". As soon as the puppies arrived, the family came to visit and scooped up "Laurel", now "Elle", without any hesitation. They explained that she was pretty much a female version of their previous dog! She grabbed a hold of their hearts and didn't let go.




"Aster" was chosen by another family on the same day as her sister, "Laurel", but her journey to a forever home had a few more twists and turns. Unfortunately, "Aster's" first adoptive family was unable to keep her. They gave her back to us, renamed "Cali," for her free spirit.

During her second stay at Newport Animal Hospital, Cali and our Boarding Manager Michele became inseparable. Michele and rest of the boarding staff spent much of their day with Cali and, more often than not, Michele would bring Cali home with her at night! During her time there, Cali became best friends with Michele's own Colorado dog, Carl! We loved having Cali back in our lives, but we all wondered when she would find that perfect home.




As it turns out, she found it during a visit to Michele's house! A good friend of Michele's fell in love with Cali and her adorable ways, and decided to take her home. Matt and his other pup, a Husky named, "Logan" are so happy they found Cali, and so are we! The three of them go everywhere together, and they all hold a very special place in our hearts!



Our next pup, "Fern", also has a special story! One of the doctors at Newport Animal Hospital, Dr. Ondris, became very close with the Pesare family, helping their daughter, Jennifer, and her dog, "Colby", battle a strange immune disorder. This required them to travel from across the state (not that big, but it's far for us!), for treatments and bloodwork, almost weekly. The parents, above, did not have a dog of their own, but took care of "Colby" on a regular basis.

When Dr. Ondris met Fern, the pup that most of the staff seemed to favor, she thought that she would be the perfect fit for the Pesare family. She was right! They fell in love and decided to take her the same night! Not even prepared, they just had to have her. Now named "Zoey", she is now as happy as can be, and so is her family!



"Clover" was a smart little pup, already was responding to her name after only 3 weeks, and boy did it fit her perfectly! She was getting spoiled by the staff, as they were thoroughly enjoying taking her home every night, and having her follow them around the hospital like a little lamb. Finally, Kevin Lopes and his dog "Lilly" encountered Clover walking down the hall at a routine exam. He fell in love, and immediately setup a play date with his wife and Lilly. They all became fond of little Clover, and decided to pick her up the next day. The staff was sad to see her leave, but excited for her to start her new life with this great couple. And as luck would have it, they now have matching names, Lilly and Clover! With the perfect dogs, you just couldn't have planned it better!



Thank you again from all of us at NAH! The union that we have created is so loved and appreciated; from the families who now have new additions to their lives, the staff members who adore watching these puppies grow from the sweet little squirts to become beautiful and treasured dogs, and now as a community, where all of our clients anticipate the next litter, just to be able to see the new, sweet faces romp around our adoption room. It fulfills everyone's needs as humans, whether it is helping to make a family complete or just having that hug from a puppy to make their day. Please find enclosed the donations from the new families of these pups. We are so thankful for all of your hard work and dedication to these animals.


The Staff at The Newport Animal Hospital