We know your pets are special.
We think th
eir healthcare should be, too.

Newport Animal Hospital has gone green!


We are delighted to announce the installation of 120 solar energy panels on the roof of our new addition!



 above: Dr. Jack Civic, owner of Newport Animal Hospital,photographed

during an interview with Photon Magazine. Photo credit Photon Magazine.


The 3 ft by 5 ft panels, installed by Real Goods Solar, supply approximately 35% of the energy needs for the entire practice. This is a total of 40,000 kwh per year! This makes Newport Animal Hospital the largest producer of solar energy of any privately owned business in The State of Rhode Island.


As we take this big step toward being more environmentally responsible, our goal is also to raise awareness of renewable energy resources. The panels cover the entire south-facing roof of our new addition, and are highly visible to all those who visit Newport Animal Hospital, as well as those driving by. We hope that by increasing public exposure to an alternative like solar power, we will encourage others to pursue options for renewable energy.



For more information on Renewable Energy Resources and technologies, visit the following sites:


National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL): Learning about renewable energy



U.S. Department of Energy

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: A Consumer's Guide. Includes information on Energy Starรข products, renewable and energy saving products and power sources.



Real Goods Solar: Design, sales and installation of renewable energy resources, with offices in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New York and several other states across the US.