We know your pets are special.
We think th
eir healthcare should be, too.

Staff Pets
While helping to care for your beloved pet, we are often asked about our own furry friends. Many of us practically have our own zoo!  And just like you, we LOVE to show them off! Here are some of our staff members' pets.


Ramona is a french bulldog/Boston Terrier mix belonging to Vet Technician Melissa.  She is a rambunctious young girl, but at times but prefers laying on the couch or working on her tan.  She has never met a person/animal she didn't like.  The staff has nicknamed her "Rhino" due to her tank like body and the way she runs. Ramona also has a feline friend named Bernie- pictures coming soon!

This lovable orange kitty lives with our Clinic Supervisor, Outi. He is a curious guy and likes spending time outside on his leash exploring the yard. He also enjoys play time with his siblings whose pictures will be coming soon.

Frankie &
Our Practice Manager, Suzette, two adorable furry friends at home!
Frankie, a handsome orange fellow, is almost 5 and enjoys cuddling with his buddies on cold nights. Piccolo, a Rag Doll mix, is also almost 5 and would prefer Chinese noodles and Wheat Thins over fishy cat food any day!


Savannah belongs to one of our veterinary technicians, Lindsay. She is a Coconut Retriever from Anguilla. Savannah is very energetic and loves playing with her canine friends! Her favorite thing to do is run off leash, but never goes far from her mom!



Sherwin & Chewy

Sherwin is a stunning 10 year old cat who belongs to one of our vet techs, Kim. He loves shredding paper and taking long naps. Chewy is a 5 year old Lionhead mix who enjoys throwing his bowl around and playing with his feline brother.



Echo, Tookie, Matsi

Echo was rescued from a shelter in Tennessee in 2010 by Dave, our Boarding Facility Manager.  She has an unlimited supply of energy, and loves doing tricks and spending time with her feline friends, Tookie and Matsi.


Kenny Powers

Andy, one of our technicians, named his furry friend Kenny Powers, after the lead character on HBO's "Eastbound and Down". He is a 2 year old basset hound/pug mix who enjoys long walks on the beach, not knowing the meaning of personal space, eating, and snoring.





Riley, owned by our receptionist Danielle, is a 6 month old Golden Retriever, who likes to spend as much time as he can running along the beach, chasing birds and playing on slides. When not enjoying various outdoor activities you can find him playing with his favorite squeaky frog or on the lookout for his arch-nemesis, the vacuum!




Yoshi, a 7 year old Daschund, rules the home of one of our vet techs, Andrew. He enjoys laying in the sun, playing tug-of-war, and getting into the trash. Yoshi has a part-time job protecting rawhides, but normally he just eats them.





Sarah, one of our vet techs, is the proud owner of this cutie, a 5 year old Labrador Retriever. Jake enjoys eating socks, swimming, hiking, and playing with his friends. He hopes to persuade his mom to get another dog soon, so he can have a live-in playmate!





Dewey, a "cavapoo," belongs to one of our veterinarians, Dr. Wirth! This adorable 2 year old pup enjoys chasing squirrels and "playing" with his feline friends, Kiwi and Mango.





These fine fellas belong to Becky, our Client Service Supervisor. Turkey grows his gray ear tufties in the spring and sheds them in the fall.  He insists on kneading your stomach after any meal. He is a friendly, easy going, big fella with the tiniest silent "meow".



Jethro, Noodle & Buddy

Kat, one of our technicians, has quite the variety of pets! Buddy is a lab/shepherd mix rescued from the pound 13 years ago. He likes playing football and running around in the yard. Jet is a 14 year old Quarter Horse who has been Kat's riding pal for 8 years. He is afraid of chipmunks and birds, but loves giving kisses and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Noodle is the newest addition to the family, and she likes to run around the house and climb into spaces where Kat can't find her!