We know your pets are special.
We think th
eir healthcare should be, too.

The Construction of the NEW  Newport Animal Hospital

Newport Animal Hospital opened its new 8,000 square foot addition in November of 2008. 

This expansion to our practice provides us with the space and facilities needed to better serve our clients and their pets. We now have a much larger waiting room with separate seating areas for dogs and cats, more exam rooms, an expanded surgical suite and much, much more!

Most exciting of all is our new, state-of-the-art Boarding Facility! This facility is able to house at least 50 dogs and cats at one time! It is fully climate controlled, and equipped with self-warming radiant heat floors. It also has a state-of-the-art air circulation system, which replaces the entire facility's air with fresh, outdoor air at least once per hour! There is even an outdoor area for dogs to play outside! It is available to our clients Monday through Sunday, as well as all major holidays.

You can see the evolution of your new and improved Newport Animal Hospital in the pictures below!


Ground was broken on this project November 11, 2007. The entire staff was excited to see just how big the addition would actually be!


Pouring the Foundation:
Because of the cold weather, things were slow going at first. For a while we thought there was just going to be a huge mud puddle next to the building! Once the foundation was poured, however, we realized this was truly going to happen. After our foundation set, the ground was frozen, so waited for warmer weather to start the building process.


Framing the Building:
Along with spring came a big chain-link fence and a lot of building material!

The first major structure to go up was our elevator shaft. Our staff was very happy to see we were indeed getting an elevator. This will aid in getting arthritic, injured, and immobile pets down to our inpatient area for treatment. No more struggling down the stairs or long walks around the building!

Next was the progress of framing, which was going rather quickly. We were very optimistic that our expansion might just be done on time.


Adding the Second Floor:

The construction of the second floor was a very exciting thing to watch. This level will house our new exam rooms, waiting area and doctor's offices.  Above the exam rooms, on our third floor, will be our new conference room.  We will have enough space for the whole staff to attend educational seminars!


The Big Green Building:
Seeing the outer walls go up made everything seem real.  We no longer had to image just how big our animal hospital would be; now we could see! We knew the interior was next, and everyone was more excited than ever!



The Inside Work:
The work on the inside of the building started to move almost as quickly as the outside. We had outlines of the new exam rooms and doctors' offices. The foundation for our new reception desk was added in our spacious new waiting room, and it was exciting to look out on to it all from our new third floor!




Making it All Come Together:
Once they finished the roofing, siding and windows, you almost couldn't tell the new building from the old! With our new entrance ways complete, we knew our grand opening wouldn't be far off.




Want to see all we've done? Stop in and ask for a tour!