Colorado Puppies Spring 2009

Spring didn’t just bring warmer weather to NAH in 2009, it also brought puppies!

Here is an update on our most recent litter of Rocky Mountain Babies!

June 22, 2009

Dear Friends at the Valley Humane League,

After all of our combined efforts in getting puppies out to Rhode Island, we were finally successful in “re-homing” the first Colorado litter of the year! Although it seemed to take forever for that “right” batch of puppies to come through, they came at last and everyone here was more than thrilled to have them. They were also the most well-behaved, adorable group of puppies we had ever seen! Another amazing set of perfect little girls!

Since last fall, our list of interested families had been growing like crazy! Everyone was seeing Colorado puppies around Newport, and loved them. With all of the great reports on their sweet temperaments and being the “perfect” dog,we had someone asking every day when more were coming. Our adoption coordinat