Yes! Even if your pet is not currently a patient at the Newport Animal Hospital, we can schedule you for a Pre-Boarding Examination to become established! This examination should be completed at least three to five days prior to any anticipated boarding reservation to ensure your pet is healthy enough and has all the vaccines we require. The Boarding Facility is an extension of Newport Animal Hospital and our goal is to provide every pet staying here with us the same superior care we give our existing patients! By establishing your pet with one of our veterinarians, we can anticipate any medical concerns your pet may have during their stay and provide them with care if needed. Please be aware that this examination does not guarantee your pet will be an eligible boarding candidate. Patients that are aggressive will not be able to board. Pets with significant illness can be considered for medical boarding with care overseen by our veterinary technicians.
Yes, boarding is by reservation only. Reservations should be made a minimum of 72 hours prior to the stay in question. Exceptions can be made in the event of an emergency situation if your pet is healthy, current on an examination, current on the required vaccinations and fecal analysis. If your pet has not received the required vaccinations previously, a minimum of 72 hours is required before they can board at Newport Animal Hospital.
Our boarding facility has 31 large indoor kennel runs as well as 20 small/medium sized kennels. We have separate areas for our feline boarders that consist of 3 to 7 kennels per room.

All pets boarding with us must be current on the vaccinations listed below as well as a current fecal analysis that includes Giardia testing. We require all pets staying at Newport Animal Hospital to be current on a flea and tick preventative. All pets arriving to our facility will be checked thoroughly for fleas and ticks at the time of check in. Please be aware that if your pet requires an application of a flea and tick preventative or further treatments for the elimination of fleas, additional charges will apply.

Required Vaccinations for Dogs: Rabies, Distemper, Leptospirosis, Canine Influenza, Bordetella

Required Vaccinations for Cats: Rabies, Distemper

We are happy to offer bathing services to patients staying in the boarding facility. Upon check in you may decide if you would like your pet to have a bath—fee for bathing is based on animal size and type of coat. Please note that our boarding facility is not equipped for full grooming; our bathing services include a wash, towel and blow dry and brush/comb out. Additionally, we are unable to bathe any heavily matted pets. These pets will require a professional grooming and should be seen by their regular groomer prior to entering our facility. Please understand that we only bathe boarding patients and do not do bathing by appointment.
Fecal screening is required prior to your pets boarding stay with us to ensure they have been cleared of any intestinal parasites, including Giardia. Patients who have tested positive for any intestinal parasites will require treatment prior to their boarding stay.

Yes. Both are highly contagious and can be a serious concern in boarding kennels.
Infectious Tracheobronchitis is an infection of the trachea and bronchial tubes. While the most common bacterium causing kennel cough is Bordetella  bronchiseptica, several viruses and bacteria can cause the disease. The most common symptoms of kennel cough are a persistent cough, decreased appetite and depressed behavior.

Canine Influenza virus causes a respiratory infection in dogs. The most common symptoms are lethargy, decreased appetite, fever, nasal discharge and a dry cough.

The best way to prevent infection is vaccination. Our doctors recommend vaccination against both Bordetella and Canine Influenza for dogs that visit groomers, dog parks, daycare facilities or boarding facilities. Both vaccines are required for all dogs boarding at Newport Animal Hospital. As prevention is key, all pets must receive their initial vaccines for these diseases at least three to five days prior to admittance to our facility. If this will be the first time your pet is receiving either vaccination, a booster vaccine will be required three weeks later.
While these vaccines significantly reduce risk of infection, they do not eliminate it completely. Both vaccines greatly reduce the severity of symptoms and duration of illness in pets that do become infected.

In a new environment, such as the one presented when a pet enters a boarding facility, pets can behave in unpredictable and uncharacteristic ways. Anxiety, unfamiliar surroundings and people, and general routine change can cause pets to destroy even their most cherished belongings and possibly cause themselves harm through ingestion. For the safety of your pet, it is the policy of Newport Animal Hospital that no personal items will be accepted. This policy also reduces the possibility of communicable disease, fleas and other possible infestations. We will provide clean, soft, fleece bedding nightly that will be placed on heated floors and our elevated and comfy Kuranda beds to keep your pet warm, comfortable and healthy!
All runs are equipped with radiant heat floors, comfy, elevated and hypoallergenic Kuranda beds. All pets, (unless they chew them!) are given cozy fleece blankets, as well as washable hypoallergenic beds for our small kennel boarders. The floors are a soft epoxy material that stays cool in warmer weather and is impervious to bacteria. Our kennels are designed to reduce the spread of communicable disease and keep your pet safe, clean and comfortable at all times.
Yes. Our staff will administer medications and supplements as prescribed. A charge of $4.95 per day will be applied. Most pets will require a “Pill Pocket” treat to hide the medication, which we will provide.
Yes. Some cats will not eat anything but their regular food when boarded. We allow clients to bring their own food, (canned, dry or both) as well as specific feeding instructions, (how often and how much your pet should be fed). Please bring only the appropriate amount of food to cover your pet’s stay.

Yes. If your pet is on a specific type of food or on a prescription diet due to a medical condition, please bring their food with you to their boarding check in. In the event you would like us to provide the prescription diet, an additional charge will be applied for the cost of the food. Please bring only the appropriate amount of food to cover your pet’s boarding stay.

Yes! But we would be happy to supply your pet’s meals during their stay at no additional cost. Newport Animal Hospital feeds all boarding pets Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach formula, which is a high-quality, fully balanced, and easily digestible diet. Please feel free to bring your pet’s usual food when dropping off, but please bring only the amount required for the duration of your pet’s stay.
Yes. Pets with any significant illness would qualify for medical boarding. Our trained veterinary technician staff care for all our medical boarding patients with a veterinarian overseeing your pets care. An estimate and plan can be created by our Boarding Manager by request.
During our check in process, our boarding staff will confirm the best phone number to reach you at in the event of an emergency or medical issue with your pet and will also request an emergency contact be listed in the event we are unable to reach you. If a problem arises with your pet and we are unable to reach you or your emergency contact and the situation becomes urgent, our veterinarians will provide stabilizing care until you can be reached. Please be aware, if your pet does need to be seen during his/her stay, our regular veterinary service fees will apply for services rendered. We understand that part of the reason clients entrust us with their pets is that we have a veterinary practice associated with the boarding facility. We will use all available resources to ensure your pet’s safety, security and health while you are away, and always do our very best to inform you of any changes in your pet’s condition.

Boarding pets can occasionally develop diarrhea, due to a change in routine, environment, diet, etc. Should this happen, our boarding staff will make note and immediately notify medical staff. Should the medical staff feel action is necessary, we will reach out to you or your emergency contact and relay recommendations. Examination with one of our doctors to help determine the cause of the diarrhea may be necessary. Diarrhea, if left untreated can lead to dehydration, so in the event that we cannot reach you, our medical staff will provide any basic, necessary treatments.

Yes! When your pet is dropped off, please inform our staff if you will be unreachable. We will take the contact information of someone, designated by you, who is authorized to make all decisions regarding your pet’s care during their stay.
Upon check in to our facility, all patients will be thoroughly checked for fleas and ticks. In the event your pet has fleas, the staff will consult one of our veterinarians to find the best course of action for your pet. Additional charges will apply for any additional veterinary services rendered.
In rare cases, pets can die unexpectedly while at a boarding facility. Death of a pet is always a sad possibility even at home, especially when underlying conditions have gone undiagnosed. Certain cancers and cardiac issues can be present without pronounced symptoms and can result in unexpected death at home or elsewhere. However, at Newport Animal Hospital, we have a well trained staff, who are able to notice any abnormal behavior with our patients. Veterinarians are on the premises and will be consulted in a timely manner should any concerns arise. Additionally, the boarding facility is completely equipped with temperature, fire, carbon monoxide and security detectors that are monitored 24 hours a day. In addition to our staff, the facility itself watches over your pets while you are away!
We do require scheduled check in and check out times for your scheduled reservation. To minimize wait times and allow adequate time for our owners and staff to communicate about your pets daily routine, medications and complete paperwork our check in/check out appointments are by scheduled appointment time only. This also gives our staff designated times to care for all the patients already in our care. **Available appointment times: Monday-Friday 8:45am – 6:30pm / Saturday-Sunday 8:45am – 6pm. In the event you need to request an appointment time outside of our normal hours, and we are able to accommodate you, a fee will be applied.

Unfortunately, pets who are due for an annual examination, vaccines or fecal testing do need to have these services completed prior, as they are all requirements of our boarding facility. Some of our required vaccinations, such as Bordetella or Canine Influenza need to be administered three to five days prior for them to be fully effective.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate pets in this situation. Some pets do not adjust well to a boarding facility environment. Some dogs will be stressed, while other dogs will have the time of their life. On occasion, some dogs will become aggressive to the staff or other animals in the facility. For the safety of all boarding pets and our staff, pets with any history of aggression will not be permitted to board. Also, if your pet becomes aggressive during their stay with us, our staff may decide that boarding at Newport Animal Hospital is not the right situation for your pet in the future.
Our staff will determine the optimal size of a kennel or run for your pet based on their size. It is a common misconception that more room is always better for any sized pet. The truth is, smaller animals tend to experience less anxiety and feel more secure in suitably smaller enclosures. Too much room can cause stress and anxiety, which is why pets weighing 25 pounds and under are recommended for kennel boarding as oppose to run boarding. The fact is, smaller pets are more comfortable and secure in smaller areas.
Yes! For canine patients, we have multiple adjacent runs with interconnecting doors. Opening these doors allows your pets to have access to both runs and to each other during daytime, supervised hours.

Feline patients entering a boarding facility can behave in unpredictable and uncharacteristic ways. Even pets that are accustomed to sleeping next to one another regularly have, in some cases, become aggressive towards one another in a new and unfamiliar environment. For this reason, all feline boarding patients are kenneled separately.

In a new environment, such as the one presented when a pet enters a boarding facility, pets can behave in unpredictable and uncharacteristic ways. Even pets that are accustomed to sleeping next to one another on a nightly basis for years have in some cases been shown to become aggressive towards one another in a new and unfamiliar environment. For this reason, all pets staying with us are separated into their own kennel space during unsupervised evening hours.
Overnight attendants are not provided. The overnight period extends from 8pm in the evening until 7am the next morning, a stretch of time comparable to the time owners leave pets at home while at work. Kennel staff will feed and walk all pets before leaving ensuring their comfort overnight. The boarding facility is completely equipped with temperature, fire, carbon monoxide, and security detectors that are monitored 24 hours a day.
Yes! Please be aware that unlike a hotel, boarding is charged per day, not per night. When you drop-off your pet, we will gladly go over and confirm charges and any extra amenities you’d like for your pet during their stay. For a complete list of services and costs, click here . Or call our office at (401) 849-3400 extension 3 to request an estimate.
Yes. Due to increased demand for boarding on and around certain holidays, and our need to adequately staff a fully booked facility, holiday rates will apply. Click here for our holiday rates and a list of applicable dates.
Newport Animal Hospital asks that in the event you need to cancel a boarding reservation, that you allow us 48 hours’ notice. Failure to do so will result in a $40.00 fee per pet charged to your account. We appreciate your consideration regarding this policy so that we may offer boarding availability to other clients.

Newport Animal Hospital asks that in the event you need to cancel a boarding reservation, that you allow us 48 hours notice. Failure to do so will result in a $25.00 fee per pet charged to your account. We appreciate your consideration regarding this policy so that we may offer boarding availability to other clients.

Yes! The boarding facility is fully equipped with Satellite Radio, with speakers in all areas so your pet will never feel alone. We have noticed that the addition of music seems to significantly reduce incessant stress barking that can sometimes occur when pets enter a new or unfamiliar environment. A little background noise can go a long way to distract boarding pets from constantly waiting to hear footsteps or other staff activity all day. This constant noise monitoring can be a tiresome task for your pet to take on, and we have found that music helps to make sure that our footsteps aren’t the only sounds your pet hears all day long. After all, we want them to relax during their stay!
Boarding pets should be at least 16 weeks of age before entering the facility. Prior to this, a puppy or kitten’s immune system is still developing and may not be fully competent to respond to preventative vaccinations required to keep them healthy while in an environment with other pets. Very young puppies and kittens need frequent feedings, ample opportunities to urinate and have bowel movements, and overnight supervision.