Our hospital is equipped to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services to ensure your pet’s complete health care needs are met throughout his or her life. Thorough check-ups and preventive care can help alleviate serious health problems. We offer a wide range of veterinary services to keep your companions feeling their best:

Our veterinarians and trained staff will work with you to establish a plan for the life-long health and happiness of your pet, including customized vaccination plans & life-stage diagnostics, parasite prevention, dietary recommendations and general wellness care.

Our state-of-the-art surgical suite provides for the performance of a wide variety of surgical procedures, including many cutting-edge orthopedic procedures.

Recovering Your Lost Pet: The benefits of microchipping

You may believe that you are doing every thing you can to protect your pet from being lost, but every year millions of pets go missing. It is estimated that 1 in 3 pets will go missing in their lifetime. Most of these lost pets are never recovered. Millions of lost pets will sit in shelters and never be reunited with their owners. Collars and tags are a good start in letting people know who your pet is, but things can happen to them. A collar can be lost or ripped off, or a tag can be rusted or hard to read. One of the best ways to identify your pet is through microchip identification. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and can be implanted at your next routine veterinary appointment. They are one of the best ways to reunite lost pets with their owners.

Many owners are reluctant to use microchips because they do not know much about them. The process for implanting a microchip is very easy. It does not require any surgery and your pet will not have a scar. The microchip is implanted under the skin using a needle just slightly bigger than one used for a vaccination. It is not painful to the pet; they may just feel a little pinch or sting. The doctor will shave a small patch of hair between the shoulder blades to mark the spot of implantation. The microchip is then implanted in the subcutaneous skin between the shoulder blades where it will remain for life. The only after care may be to apply a little triple antibiotic cream to the injection site.

In order to read the microchip, the pet will be scanned using a special microchip scanner. A number that is linked specifically to your individual pet will appear on the screen. That number is registered into a national database that can be accessed all over the country. These scanners are at police stations, shelters and veterinary offices. So, if your dog is lost in Texas but you are from Rhode Island, the Texas shelter/vet can locate you and reunite you with your pet. The number in a microchip is unique. No other animal will have the same number as your pet.

There are many commonly asked questions about microchip identification :

Q. Will I ever have to replace the microchip?

A. Microchips are guaranteed for life. They should not fall out of your pet if implanted properly.

Q. If I move can how will I be able to guarantee my pet will find me?

A. When a pet is microchipped, your veterinarian will have you set up an account with the microchip company online. They will have you set up a user name and password that you can use to access and change you or your pets information.

Q. My pet is strictly indoors and never leaves the house without me. Why should I microchip my pet?

A. Pets do have the tendency to escape or be stolen from houses or yards. A microchip can guarantee that they will be brought back to you. In the event of natural disasters (such as hurricanes, floods or a house fire) many pets can be displaced from their owners because they cannot be rescued at that time or taken with the owner. Microchip identification reunites many owners with their pets after these natural disasters occur.

We utilize the safest available anesthetics to provide an extra margin of safety, especially for our older or high-risk patients. Using the most modern equipment, the patient’s vital signs are monitored during all anesthetic procedures.

We offer on site and remote consultations with internal medicine specialists, who assist with the diagnosis of more complicated cases.

Our on-site, digital X-ray equipment provides the highest quality radiographs to aid in the quick diagnosis of many disorders.

We provide ECG services on-site as well as consultations with cardiology specialists.

Our dental services include teeth cleaning, ultrasonic scaling, and polishing, dental X-rays, tooth extractions and oral surgery.

We currently offer multiple in-house lab tests for rapid diagnosis of your pet’s condition. For further serological and biopsy related diagnostics, we utilize an external veterinary laboratory with direct currier service to and from our facilities multiple times daily.

We maintain a complete inventory of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick control products and heartworm preventatives to meet the needs of your pet. We also carry a full line of prescription diets.

We develop programs for the specific needs of your pet and your own particular environmental situation. We will review with you the best ways to control fleas in your house, in your yard and on your pet.

We will provide guidance regarding your pet’s nutritional needs for each life stage, including dietary requirements for growth, weight maintenance and performance.

We can provide advice regarding the correction of problems such as excessive barking, chewing, spraying, scratching, digging, house soiling and aggression.

We have an on-site, state-of-the-art boarding facility. Boarding is overseen by kennel staff with regular veterinary staff available as needed, providing the utmost in safety and supervision for your pet.

We offer urgent care services to established clients during our regular operating hours, and can coordinate referrals to a 24-hour facility when necessary. Our answering service can also assist with a referral to a 24-hour facility outside of regular operating hours.

We offer canine reproductive services including artificial insemination, semen collection and evaluation, fertility evaluation, pregnancy testing and imaging, c-sections and neonatal care.

For assistance with managing pain from both chronic and acute conditions, we offer acupuncture services. Acupuncture involves the insertion of sterile, hair-thin needles at specific points along the patient’s body, reducing pain and increasing healing ability.

We offer laser therapy for the treatment of acute pain, chronic conditions, and post-operative pain. Our Class IV laser is the newest and most effective model available for companion animals.

We offer on-site ultrasound services 7 days a week, providing the next level in diagnostics without delay. We also have veterinary cardiologist specializing in echocardiography, ultrasound and internal medicine available each week.