Nothing makes us happier than to hear we’ve made you happy!
If the doctors and staff at Newport Animal Hospital made your veterinary care experience a good one, please tell us about it below!

    I have been taking my animals to Newport Animal Hospital since 1984.
    Without exception, for all those years, my animals have been treated with professional competence and personal kindness – whether for routine visits or when in declining health.

    During September, Dr. Civic was treating Fiona, my Norfolk terrier, with medications, strict confinement and laser treatments for Intervertebral Disc Disease. In early October, in spite of our best efforts, the diseased disc failed. Dr. Civic told me meds and confinement could no longer work; the choice was continuing deterioration (paralysis) or surgery.

    Instead of handing off a list of neurosurgeons and leaving me to go home and work the phones, Dr. Civic called Dr. Stephanie Kube, a colleague and neurosurgeon with that afternoon free. At 11am we were in Dr. Kube’s office; by 4:00 Fiona was in surgery; at 5:00 Dr. Kube told me Fiona had a very good prognosis for recovery. We took her home the next day.

    When time between the event and treatment is so critical to the best outcome possible, I know that Fiona’s spectacular recovery – and it is spectacular – would not have been possible without Dr. Civic’s inspired telephone call.

    We want the best care for our animals. That’s what they’ll get at Newport Animal Hospital. That’s why I keep coming back.

    I can not begin to thank the staff at Newport Animal Hospital enough for taking the best care of my sweet boy Walter. My 4 year old Siberian cat needed emergency surgery on his bladder the Friday before Christmas Eve.

    Dr. Pasierb went above and beyond for him and switched her day around so she could perform the surgery. The entire staff made me feel at ease during the process. I even noticed when I dropped Walter off the girls were checking in a bunch of animals for boarding and they greeted each animal by name before greeting their humans! To me, that shows how much this great staff cares about each individual animal. If you bring your animal here, you can trust that you’re beloved friend is in the best care in Rhode Island.

    I do not know if Dr Civic is still at this hospital but he used to care for all of our pets when we lived in Newport, RI. We are now settled in Massachusetts. I would just like to personally thank Dr Civic for his time, care and compassion regarding our animals and at the time we had a large property and had eleven pets who all saw Dr Civic. Even our nasty parrot, who often needed his nails done and wings clipped.
    I will never forget when we brought our puppy who was lethargic and basically dying in the back seat of our car to Dr Civic’s office in 1999.
    Sophie was a chocolate lab who chewed on and ate everything in her path when she was a pup.
    We did not know what was wrong with her so we took her in. Turned out she had swallowed one of my daughter’s socks, some Barbie doll shoes and loads of other things that Dr Civic took out of her.
    He saved her life and I have never forgotten that. Sophie is long gone now but she will never be forgotten. Thank you again Dr Civic for caring for all of our pets.
    Sadie B.
    Our Beloved dog, Keiko has been battling tracheal collapse for the past 18mos. Through Dr. Wood’s Expertise, Patience, and Knowledge He has made it possible for her to survive so long. He worked diligently with us to find the right combinations of medications to keep her comfortable and alive. But really, love is knowing when your best Friend is tired and when you have to be brave enough to do what has to be done. Through gentile encouragement and guidance from Dr. Wood , We made the decision to have Keiko go to Doggie Heaven. Dr. Wood and his assistant Tia came to our home. Keiko was surrounded by Love of Family. Soft music played in the background, candles were lit, and poems were read. So one last time we breathed her scent, we held her tight, and kissed her as Dr. Wood aided her to slip into unconsciousness. It was done with dignity. Tia was wonderful in assisting Dr. Wood . She too was kind and compassionate. We can’t say enough about how Wonderful and Professional Dr. Wood is. We also can only say Positive things about The Newport Animal Hospital. Thanks for being there in our time of need. The Evans
    Sharon E.
    Between Dr. Wood and Dr. Wirth our 14 week puppy couldn’t be happier. She’s had a bout with Kennel Cough. We took Bay to an emergency clinic, and after a lot of time they misdiagnosed the issue. About two minutes with Dr. Wirth he had the diagnosis and Bay is almost back to health. Dr. Wood is also great with our Bay. He’s kind gentle and knows how to talk and examine without making you feel like you have no idea what’s going.
    The staff is amazing knows who our puppy is and always is smiling and helpful. Overall Newport Animal Hospital is one of the best in the area.
    Robbie B.
    Dr. Wood was fantastic. Easily the best vet we have ever seen. He took the time to educate me on Cushing’s disease, a condition another vet suspected our dog might have. He was honest in his assessment and recommended that since our dog did not suffer any of the symptoms, even if he did test positive he wouldn’t recommend treating as the medication was not without side effects and was expensive. Anytime a vet acknowledges the expense of unnecessary treatment, I know he’s interested in the animal, not making a profit. Dr. Wood was kind, thorough (taking the time to test skin flakes under a microscope), and utterly down-to-earth. My only regret is that our family will be moving and we won’t be able to see Dr. Wood on a permanent basis. Highest recommendation.
    Ghillian P.
    Even though we did not have a happy ending I wanted to thank Dr. Wood whole heartily. I never met such a compassionate and sincere Dr. Going in we have had no prior relationship with Dr. Wood but he made us feel like we knew him from day one. Putting our 13year old friend down was the toughest thing we have had to do as a family and Dr. Wood was right there for us giving hugs and talking us through it step by step. So with our bitter sweet end we say Thank you! Dourado Family
    Stacey Dourado
    I want to thank the entire staff at NAH for an absolutely amazing veterinary experience with our dogs CJ & Bentley! We hate to have to leave the area, and we wish that you could all come with us! Keep up the GREAT work!
    Carla Kelley
    I cannot thank the entire NAH Vet Tech staff enough! I think you have all met Lola (the yellow Lab) along the way in the past 8 years. A special thanks to Jackie, Lindsey, Tony, Katie and of course Dr. Civic during these tough months of Summer 2011. Your help, support and incredible care mean the world to me and Lola. All are greatly appreciated! WIth warm regards – Lola’s Mom
    Liz Collins
    Happy Vet Tech Appreciation Week to all my VERY FAVORITE people in the world!!! you guys have walked me through SO much the past 2.5 yrs, & i can never EVER tell you how much I appreciated how well you treated my angle Boys, Kibo & Sana … & me. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!! xo
    Rebecca Clark-Homer
    A big thank you to Dr Ondris for taking such good care of my Fab 4, I’ve had several emergencies all past 7pm lately (even the Vet Tech said I was in here a lot for ER). My reason to switching over to NAH a year ago was the Vets and the hours of operation especially when it’s an emergency.
    Susan C
    I want to thank the staff for the care they provided Jasper when he ate a piece of ribbon. From the first phone call, to pick up and everything in between was courteous and showed genuine concern for his health. We appreciate the care and love you showed Jasper!
    Robyn Borges
    I would like to thank Dr Hatch and the staff for all the care and effort put into the treatment of Kal. Through the entire treatment everyone at the Hospital were extremely caring and profesional in handling his case. Dr Hatch took the extra mile to treat Kal and I have nothing but respect for his professional ethics.
    Richard Rowland
    Dr Ondris is a kind, caring, and very knowledgeable veterinarian. I brought my Siamese kitten, Cleo, to her and I highly recommend her to Cat owners. She is an expert is feline care. The entire staff at Newport Animal Hospital from the Receptionists to the Technicians are friendly and helpful. Cleo loves to go there because the staff pets and talks to her which a Siamese kitten loves. The staff spends a lot of time with Cleo and I never feel rushed when I am there.
    I want to Thank both Dr. Ondris and the staff of the Newport Animal Hospital for the best service they gave Manny, who passed from terminal cancer in August 2010. During his treatment, he was always cared and welcomed. And now I have Kelso, he enjoys his visits. Thank You!
    Allan Mercurio
    I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of service that my hard-to-groom angora rabbit recently received at NAH. After calling dozens of hospitals who would not even consider a consultation for mat removal, NAH was more than willing to see her. Both the veterinarian, handlers, and technicians were friendly and accommodating and the service Petunia received was exceptional. On drop off day, the hospital was prepared for her arrival and the nurse was familiar with Petunia’s history and needs. At pick-up, I was in shock at what an amazing job the attending veterinarian did. Now at home, Petunia looks like a new bunny and is feeling great! I would most definitely recommend NAH to anyone with (somewhat) exotic or difficult small animals in need of veterinary or grooming services. Thank you NAH!
    Sydney Bowen
    I’d like to thank both Dr. Hatch and Dr. Civic and all of the staff for taking such wonderful care of Lola after her “scuffle” today. She looks like an ASPCA poster child and I’ve never said “Oh my God!!!!” more often than I have today, but I know she’ll get better and she couldn’t have gotten better care anywhere than she received today at NAH. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!
    Carol Collins
    I always knew I loved NAH & everyone who works there. Not until this current nitemare with Kibo, fighting Lymphoma & his latest set back, did I truly appreciate how caring & loving & concerned, each & every one of you are about all of your clients … You’ll be seeing a lot of us. Hopefully for a LONG LONG, VERY long time. But I wanted to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of you, for loving my Boy Kibo (all my boys too!) & treating him, & me, so well. xxoo ~Rebecca
    Rebecca Homer
    The staff and Dr Hatch was wonderful in helping me and my dog “Foxx” in his treatment for Lymphoma He lost his fight with cancer 11 months after diagnosis but thanks to all the staff for helping me and “Foxx” through a very difficult time I never worried about leaving him for the day for chemo he loved all the staff and he was always happy to see them. Thanks to all the staff that took the time to be so caring and loving to “Foxx” You all are great.
    Jennifer Arruda( Foxx's Mom)
    Dear Newport Animal Hospital Staff: We are writing to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all the wonderful care you gave to our wonderful old yellow lab, Max, late this summer and into the fall after he was hit by a car. You are truly an exceptional, caring team, and we were so lucky to have you when Max needed help. In July, Max wandered behind our car as we were backing out of the garage and was hit at slow speed. He scampered away into the bushes and curled up in a ball. We knew Max was a very old dog and we figured this would be his last day with us. We rushed him to Newport Animal Hospital. From the time he arrived, you took excellent care of him. Luckily, no bones were broken but he did have some skin abrasions and back injuries. After a week or so, Max seemed to be getting better, but had developed some odd skin problems. After bringing him in for a check-up, we learned he had a massive skin infection in the spot where he had been hit by the car. Once again we thought this was the end for Max, but then you all really came through for us. We had planned a family vacation for the very next week and were about to cancel, when you suggested we board Max with you for a week of full-time care to deal with his injuries and infections. We gladly accepted! Max is a very special dog, but has required lots of attention his entire life. He gets anxious easily and often barks relentlessly when he wants attention, food, or to go outside. Combine that with his injuries and this made for a very challenging tenant while we were on our trip. You gave Max outstanding care, love, and attention while he stayed with you. It’s clear you love animals and your work. We cannot thank you enough for everything you did for Max during his stay with you and through all his visits thereafter. Max is doing much better now, though he still has a bit of recovery left in front of him. He will turn 14 on November 10th – a birthday he would never have reached without you. We will always remember your kindness and top notch care. … and so will Max. Our deepest thanks, Ann, Dave, Katie, Charlie, & Joe Johnson Middletown, Rhode Island
    Ann& Dave Johnson
    This nervous, panicked, first time dog owner wants to thank Dr. Hatch and his wonderful attentive and kind staff for the emergency service that was provided for me and my puppy Max last night.
    Laura Williams
    We love the staff at Newport Animal Hospital. Our Jack Russell Terrier, Dexter, is possibly the only dog on the planet who likes to go to the vet because the wonderful ladies in the reception office give him treats and lots of love! The doctors and vet techs are all fantastic too. Thanks! Nicole & Dexter Chambers
    Nicole Chambers
    Hi all, it has been a long time coming but it has been difficult as you all know for us to deal with Chezwick’s passing. We still think of him every day and we often think back to everyone that helped him throughout his life. Your office was a constant source of help and guidance throughout Chez’s life. On behalf of Chez, Paul and myself, thank you for all your help throughout the years. For the time we lived in Providence and Chez was treated by a different doctor we were never able to find the same attention and care as we found with your office while we were in Newport (even at your old tiny office near BJ’s – remember that?). So even though it was a long drive we came back to you from Providence and eventually from Dartmouth! You always made us feel special during his rough times and at the end of his life and we again want to thank you for that. Dr. Civic was a tremendous comfort, a wealth of information and guidance through Chezwick’s life. Towards the end of his days, Dr. Civic actually learned with us about what we should and should not do. He always made us feel so great that he considered Chez his poster cat because of his several ailments and the way he persevered against them. It was an honor that someone with his experience asked me to keep a journal of how I cared for Chez so he could share with others and educate them. I still owe him this but I promise I will send it soon. The photo you had up of Chez in his birthday hat always made us smile when we came into the office and even when we got his bills with the photo added to it! (Thanks for that Becky). So again, thank you Dr. Wirth who was instrumental in helping us early in what we considered Chezwick’s dark times. Thank you so very much Dr. Civic for absolutely everything. Thank you to all the staff in your wonderful office. We have decided to begin a family again in the late summer/early fall and we will hope you can be a part of our new family’s guidance and support in the years to come. In the meantime, attached is a photo of Chez we promised for your website. We could not decide between the one on his favorite chair with the freckle on his lip showing or the one that showed his tongue hanging out which of course was his trademark so we sent both. Thank you for immortalizing him that way. We know he would be happy to be in the company of so many other fine friends. Thanks again for everything. John and Paul In loving memory of our boy Chezwick (Chez)
    John and Paul Johnson
    Dr. Civic, Dr. Wirth, and everyone at the Newport Animal Hospital……………… We just want to thank you all again for the wonderful treatment you continue to give all our dogs. The care you gave Zoe was amazing. You and we tried everything. We have no regrets. Just sorry it all had to happen. I know it is not easy on you all, and we appreciate beyond belief how hard you all try, and how kind and thoughtful you are to us all (pets and people). Many, Many Thanks…………………All the VanLiews
    Fran Van Liew
    Thanks for the excellent care that my senior Greyhound, Mocha, received. Dr. Ondris and all of the technicians that assisted treated my dog and myself with respect and compassion. I was very impressed with the way that Dr. Ondris handled Mocha during the exam and then with the time that she took to explain the diagnoses to me. I felt that we were genuinely cared for by all of the staff that we were in contact with.
    Mary B.
    Thanks for getting me all shaved and cleaned up after my long romp around Newport! It was a heck of a vacation! I am finally home, clean and comfortable in my own (very short) fur. Sorry I am such a grouch when I am there! Spook
    I just wanted to write and express my gratitude and appreciation for the excellent care Dr. Joshua Hatch has provided for our many pets. He is highly professional, knowledgeable and extremely personable. I greatly appreciated the time he took to let me say “goodbye” in a very dignified manner, to my 16-year old beloved Abyssinian cat. We have quite a menagerie at home: four dogs and four cats. Dr. Hatch has been an invaluable source of information, a brillant diagnostician and has provided the best quality care for each of our pets. His very amiable personality, combined with his willingness to take time to answer questions as well as meticulously explaining and demystifying complex veterinary terms is an exceptional quality. He is truly a compassionate veterinarian of the highest calibre.
    Wendy Shapiro
    Hi, I just wanted to thank Dr. Wirth for all of his recent appointments, care and help with Marley. I really appreciate all that he has done for Marley lately. Thanks also to Jackie, Brenden and Tony for all of their help in taking care of Marley and nursing him back to health. All is very much appreciated. Thanks again to all, Kim J.
    Kim J.
    A big thank you to all of you and to Dr. Wirth for the care you gave to the our CKC rescue dog Cuddles. Cuddles has been placed with a loving family in CT.
    Laura Marshall
    Thank you, each and every one of you, especially Dr. Wirth, for helping my Alicia leave this world with peace and dignity. She was my best friend for 10-years and it broke my heart to say good-bye, but you all made it so much easier. I know you understood how I felt. Even though I had not been a client of Newport Animal Hospital for several years, you took care of my needs and treated me as a ‘regular’. Thank you again from the entire Sherman family.
    Eleanor Sherman
    I would like to thank Jackie for the care she provided to Cheyenne post her tooth extraction surgery on Tuesday. Hope she enjoyed Cheyenne’s departing kisses.
    Kerrie Cottrell