Laura’s Story

A little kitty with a great big spirit.

Laura was first brought to NAH by the Middletown Animal Control Officer in the fall of 2006. She had been hit by a car and suffered massive injuries to the face and head, including a broken jaw.

Once we received permission from the town, Dr. Civic surgically repaired her jaw. When it was determined that Laura was indeed a stray, the town relinquished her to NAH, where staff members nursed Laura back to health. Due to injuries sustained during the accident, Laura lost her vision. We soon learned, however, that she had not lost her spirit.

With the love and encouragement Laura received during her stay, she adjusted to her vision loss, and developed a sweet and loving personality.

Below you will find photos documenting Laura’s recovery.

Week 1

Laura needed to have her jaw surgically repaired and wired in place due to two fractures.

Week 2

Two weeks into treatment, Laura was beginning to welcome the attention from our staff. She was responding to medications, and was becoming stronger everyday.

Week 4

By week four, Laura seemed to feel right at home at NAH. She was sleeping peacefully for hours at a time, and was moved from the inpatient area to a kennel in our Pharmacy.

Week 6

At week six, Laura was spending much of her time in our reception area! With the addition of a baby gate, we were able to let her roam around and adjust to life without sight. Within the first day, she was able to navigate her way around every shelf, chair and bag of food with ease!

Week 10

By her tenth week here at NAH, anyone meeting her for the first time would never guess that she had been through so much. Laura became a bright, playful and loving kitty. She adapted to her vision loss with ease, and by relying on her other senses learned to play, stalk, jump and do everything else a normal kitty can do!

With her injuries becoming a thing of the past, the Newport Animal Hospital staff began looking for a forever home for Laura. We knew that, while she didn’t act like it, Laura would need a little special attention. Before we knew it, a client with another “special needs” kitty heard about Laura and knew she had to have her. We couldn’t have asked for a better home for our sweet girl, and are pleased to report that Laura still has the same passion for life today that she did back then!