Colorado Puppies Winter 2008

MORE Colorado Pups?!?!

Our third litter this year went so fast, we figured we’d squeeze in one more! Here’s their story!

December 5, 2008

Dear Diana and Friends at Valley Humane,

Thanks to all your efforts, we have relocated four more Colorado puppies to Lil’ Rhody! Soon, there will be more dogs from Colorado around here than any other state!

After our “Halloween” litter, we decided we liked the holiday-themed names. Our Adoption Coordinator, Michele chose Thanksgiving-themed names for the pups! Thanks to your staff-member Jenna, who gave us the hint that they were “mostly females”, and the fuzzy pictures sent via cellphone from Carla, we got a head start on the names before their arrival. “Grace” was the tan and white pup with the adorable freckles on her snout. She looked so much like Michele’s Colorado puppy, Carl (previously Mike), who is far from graceful, that they thought it would be comical to name this sweet little girl Grace. We hope that she lives up to her name! “Maize” was the other tan and white puppy with those dark eyes that just melt your heart. She would smile every time we picked her up, so we weren’t surprised when she became the snuggle-bunny of the litter. “Wampum” was the brown one with white paws and the sweetest temperament. “Pilgrim”, the biggest of the bunch with the shepherd coloring and puggle face, may have been the feistiest, but also loved snuggling with his many temporary “Moms” from the hospital staff.

Our whole staff eagerly searches high and low for families for these adorable puppies or, in some cases, welcomes one into their own home. The four families who adopted this batch of pups had been looking for a quite a while. They were on lists at local shelters, searching on, you name it– and we made their lives complete with the help of you and these puppies.
“Wampum”, now “Riley”, was only with us for a few days. We had Rebecca and her mom Patricia waiting anxiously for the arrival of these pu